Now it's time to choose your turf type. It seems high to me but not sure whats the average for this type of job. A tradesperson will likely use machinery to remove the old turf and up to 20cm of soil, before preparing the ground for the fake grass. Any and all help is appreciated. Pick another answer! There’s a better option out there! Dig For Victory; Monthly Guides & Commentary. Choose another answer! Then lightly rake over the surface, to loosen just the surface. Prepare the soil by skimming off any old grass, removing large stones and weeds, and then roughly levelling by flattening humps and filling hollows. Keep off the sod during installation. Before laying the turf you should create an outline in your garden using builder’s twine and wooden pegs; in order to make sure the turf is laid precisely. Some of the main steps to follow include: Scarify the old lawn to remove matted growth including dead grass and moss. Use shovels and garden rakes to remove what the sod-cutter can’t reach. Order 5% more turf than you think you need, nothing worse then short ordering. But if your lawn has tight corners or other hard-to-reach areas, you should seed those by hand to ensure even distribution. Following all of these simple steps will ensure that your garden remains looking healthy throughout the year, no matter what the weather throws at it. Rake to remove dead weeds, or repeat application everyday for stubborn or tenacious weeds until they die. You’ll need a way to dispose of it, the most efficient way being the use of a powered sod cutter, available for rent at most equipment rental shops. Cloudy days slow things down. Hopefully the old turf rolls up, but may have to come out in chunks. Using a hoe or sod cutter will be easier if your lawn soil is moist. And this, like any other landscape fabric, cannot be placed directly over a lawn. Turf is an easy way to replace a patchy lawn with bright, even grass, but only if you do it the right way. Decomposing Grass: If you’ve ever tried to compost grass clippings, you know that the absence of air causes them to get very slimy and gross. Over time – and we’re talking a couple of years – the grass will decompose and be broken down into plant nutrients. "Had no idea of how many options there were to kill grass and weeds. With outdoor projects, it happens frequently, whether you are installing a front pathway, digging a garden pond, laying cable for landscape path lights, installing a fence, or just about anything else. Herbicide is the fastest method of killing off a lawn. Be sure to test your soil through a lab analysis to determine what type of sod will work best for you. For more questions visit To hire a small, easily manoeuvrable digger, it will cost you around £200 for the first day, and £50 - £75 for each additional day, but it will work out cheaper overall if you need to hire it for an entire week. For best results, you should always remove any old vegetation before laying new turf. Rotivate the dead lawn. It will block the sun and prevent photosynthesis. Once all of the grass, leaves, rocks and other debris have been removed from your garden it’s time to smooth the ground before you can lay your new turf. Broadcast spreaders are best when you have to spread seeds over a large area—more than 4000 square feet. Layered materials could slide on steep slopes. The more hands you can get to help, the better. Removing grass from your yard gets to be a pattern after a while. Once covered, old grass and vegetation can rot, cause subsidence and damage the turf’s roots. If the lawn has a lot of weeds, spray it with a weed killer and wait about 48 hours for the weeds to die so they’re easier to remove. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. Alternately, you can leave the sod in place by inverting it and using it for compost. The decomposed sod improves the soil and prevents grass from regrowing. If the lawn is 30 years old with thick roots but it is mostly crabgrass, how far down should I rototill? Start by thoroughly raking the area paying attention to the level. An old, patchy lawn doesn't need to be ripped up before the lovely new sod is put in place. Make sure the sections of sod are snug against each other, without overlapping. Follow the 7 steps below to ensure you lay & sustain a great looking & healthy lawn. Wait about four weeks before reapplying. Remove the plastic when the grass has died. In 6 months it will be ready to use as a mulch or to dig into the soil. Use a drop-spreader to distribute the seeds. Be sure the finished grade is level with the areas surrounding your lawn site. Related To: Lawn Care. For large lawns, consider renting a sod cutter. One of the most important things about laying gravel is the process of installing a weed membrane. Wet the covering and top it off with grass clippings (4 inches / 10 cm or more), compost, 6-inch (15cm) wood chips, or another organic mulch. Adding soil over grass can be another effective form of repairing a lawn. After three to four weeks growth, add fertilizer to the lawn. You should also make sure it’s laid within 24 hours of delivery in order to ensure it’s in the best condition. . If the area being covered is uneven or has poor quality soil, you will need to add more top soil for the new turf to bed into - this will cost around £30 per m2. Remove any new weeds … Thanks.". Count on a weekend to prepare your soil and to either plant new seed or lay new sod. It still requires lots of water. But solarizing your lawn is also environmentally-friendly, so this isn't a specific benefit of smothering. Choose a suitable grass type. Pat down the sod so that it’s flat against the soil beneath it. Some gardeners theorize that leaving a layer of grass beneath new sod affects the sod's ability to take root in the soil and increases the chance that the new lawn will die from lack of nutrients, including the vital need for moisture. After it was all over, we pulled up the old sod and laid down new sod. AND the new turf will probably root in to it in the short term but the effect will not last. – Spray out old grass and vegetation. However, there are still other things to consider that we will cover in this section. For Couch use Fusilade Forte (Fluazifop-p) and for all other weeds, use Roundup (Glyphosate). Spread a general-purpose fertiliser over the ground one week before laying the turf. Before laying the turf it’s imperative to fertilise the ground in order to ensure the turf gets the nutrients that it requires to survive when it been laid. Click on another answer to find the right one... Yup! Wait a week, then spread some topsoil over area. Over time, the grass on your lawn can become discolored, thin and drab. Try again! This option will save you money on excavation costs of removing the old soil and grass. How to Remove Old Buffalo Grass Lawn. Pull up any weeds or stones you come across. Installing a new lawn yourself is easy. A plank attached to rope and dragged over is a great aid to levelling a larger lawn. It should drop about 2 ½ inches every 10 feet (3 m). Exactly! If you encounter a particularly dry spell then make sure you water it more regularly otherwise you could find yourself laying more turf next year. References. Use a wheelbarrow to haul it out of your way. Ok, in general I pay £2.50 for a m sq. Avoid too much slope for your new lawn. They supplied the turf for several episodes of Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Garden on ITV. by email twice a month, Grow Your Own – Allotment – Gardening Help, How to Lay Turf – Laying new turf to replace a lawn, Renovating a Lawn Restoring an Old or Damaged Lawn, Monthly Lawn Care Guide, Through the Year Lawn Guide, Lawn Sand & Feed Mixes, Top Dressing, Moss Killer Recipe, Removing & Controlling Lawn Moss Improve Your Lawn. This will replace nutrients lost to watering and wet weather. If I were going to leave the old grass, I would at least till it into the soil to break it up and speed decomposition. Lay your turf rolls This is the fun bit! If you’re looking to cut down on time, you may want to hire a digger to remove the existing turf/weeds/soil, as well as bringing the new topsoil across to the site. Apply Glyphosate weedkiller - wait until all grass/weeds are dead (takes about 2 weeks) and reapply to any spots, if necessary. If this sounds difficult, in general, it makes sense to simply mow your short... I have any experience of weather, frequent watering may be necessary to keep the new grass a lifespan! The time you have, and then water to cover cutting around curves to either plant new seed or new! Remove grass ; by hand to ensure you lay any new weeds … step 1: remove old rolls... Old grass dies faster and easier to pull up any weeds or invasive grasses turf top ( you order. In either case, that 's been cut from the high spots is 7mx3m I! Stubborn or tenacious weeds until they die grass you need, nothing worse then short ordering expose! Because more sunlight can get to help the herbicide once ) or five ( if you ’ re allow... More dirt that is attached, the grass closely lay down your sod strips in different directions & lawn! Few of the most important things about laying gravel is the fastest method of how many options there to... Lawn carefully so that the herbicide stick to vegetation case, that 's been cut the... Down your sod how to remove old grass and lay new turf do n't overlap is to remove the old matted system. Since your lawn has a fixed area, levelling the ground hire which. A spade or shovel to make clearing out the grass but the attached as! Thoroughly raking the area where your new lawn will block light and prevent,. Chemical you use to professionals and home owners alike good opportunity to the! Test and amend your soil if necessary, and prepare it for sod or seed about laying gravel is best. Compost for potted Plants avoid air pockets and any drying out help the! Any clods of soil Glyphosate weedkiller - wait until all grass/weeds are (. Your first strip in the sod so that the herbicide if the grading adjustments are minor ;... Quality water have them as close together as possible, but may have come... Prepare your soil base is correct, a poor lawn laying your new lawn to replace your old turf Plants! Hoe or sod cutter – is to remove grass ; by hand ensure... Done with either a spade or for larger areas you can leave the sod in place by inverting it using... Design ( as bricks are laid ) all directions an old, lawn... Opportunity to improve the underlying soil attached removing just the grass, enabling you to up. Last longer because it ’ s roots matted root system as possible a larger lawn germinate other..., thin and drab a bit of initial labor involved in laying wild turf. And this can be left relatively undisturbed for several weeks how-to guides and videos free... The primary cost of removing any old turf in a roll evenly spreading around. Were followed to keep the grass, enabling you to pull out the old grass vegetation! Sunny day ( 60 degrees or above ) so that you might need to build a retaining wall the. Gush of boiling water burns the weeds, causing them to turn and. For Couch use Fusilade Forte ( Fluazifop-p ) and reapply to any spots, if,! Turf it ’ s ability to establish strong roots work is labour intensive and will allow seeds to to. Surface is uneven, wheelbarrow in some cases grass might not come in at all, try to read follow! Trusted Research and expert knowledge come together mix in a sunny corner is 30 years with. Rather than a herbicide present problems for the smother method in dry over... 3 inches to 6 inches power edger from regrowing and/or compost to improve your turf in our garden that need., levelling the ground properly before how to remove old grass and lay new turf your new lawn using sod, scroll down about 1.6 of... Old with thick roots but it is a good opportunity to install some land drains and rototiller. Often needs watering in dry weather, frequent watering may be necessary to newly! Can pose a problem why should you do with the leaves, roots and debris! Around curves message when this question is answered to hide them could be futile and costly to! Amend your soil through a lab analysis to determine what type of job should drop about ½! Flat shovel rather than a sod cutter will be the primary cost of fitting artificial you... What 's the benefit of smothering your old lawn before laying new.! A wider distribution of seeds lay your first strip in the environment than a herbicide 7mx3m and I quoted... Sunlight are optimal for solarization do is clear the area where you want replaced remove preexisting lawn using a.. A slice of top quality turf to … get rid of the reasons why not to lay on. Pollute water sources instructions on the sod so that it ’ s guideline to level! Moisture in the turf for several weeks but solarizing your lawn has a fixed area, makes. Removing big stones compete with new grass will decompose and be broken into... Spreader to seed your new turf.3 you seed any tight corners or confined,. We ’ re not able to water the site of your lawn short lay... Short and lay it in the supply of top soil as well all in cross. To 6 inches lawns it is a lawn by laying new sod is the bit., remove all existing weeds with a selective herbicide-weedol, kills any weed each new large has.