However, the attempted rescue was in vain when they discovered that Luminara was dead and her remains were set up by The Grand Inquisitor as bait to lure any surviving Jedi to their end. The Xexto had the boy do jobs like scanning wealthy-looking tourists and trick them into selling their own belongings, and the two would later pick each other clean for fun. They tried to coerce Ezra into contacting his fellow rebels, but he refused. Ezra and the others fled but he was quickly captured by Saxon and his men. Shortly later, Ezra and Chopper ventured into the ship's brig where they discovered that Vizago was locked inside one of his cells. From Star Wars Rebels, Ezra, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko Figure stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box. Before they could leave to rendezvous with the Rebel Fleet, Ezra convinced Hera to give him, Sabine, and Chopper another try at reasoning with Iron Squadron. Ezra then began to scan his surroundings for the kyber crystal, while narrowly avoiding her assault. Sabine recognized that Ryder Azadi's U-wing could make use of the down Defender Elite's hyperdrive. [25], Bridger and Jarrus attempting to protect Trayvis from Imperial forces, After a training session on deflecting blasters, Ezra experienced a vision that involved Gall Trayvis. At the eleventh hour, Ezra discovered that the courier was a GNK-series power droid named EG-86, who had come with the cargo. As the purrgil attack, Ezra stormed the bridge of the Chimaera and disarmed two of Thrawn's stormtroopers. This allowed the Ghost to approach the bay. Human Unsatisfied, Saxon continued the interrogation and forced Ezra to reveal that Rau had sent him. After using one to save Ahsoka from her confrontation with Darth Vader, Ezra saw the potential to rescue Kanan as well. After infiltrating the Capital City, Ezra and Sabine-disguised as TIE Pilots-commandeered an Imperial Patrol Transport. Once aboard, they were greeted by the Theelin crew member Gooti Terez and her human comrade Jonner Jin. Setting them up in their own show would be huge news for … [48], Putting their plans into action, Ezra and Kanan used the Force to hurl Sabine towards the sensor marker. Ezra and his comrades were present when the rebel source Fulcrum praised the rebels for reprogramming the E-XD-series infiltrator droid EXD-9 into an improvised bomb. The three resolved to stop Maul from killing Ob-Wan who held the key to destroying the Sith. Ezra helped Sabine and the Mandalorians destroying the Interdictor cruiser. With Hera's cover blown, Ezra tried to shoot Thrawn. Ezra left a parting message for his comrades, unaware that he had saved Lothal from any future Imperial attack. Before leaving, Ezra asked Yoda how the Jedi could expect to win if they do not fight back. During one lesson, he was instructed to levitate Chopper with the Force. When Lyste and his Imperial troops spotted Chopper and Ryder, Ezra and Kanan used the Force to knock out the Imperials before they could fire on their comrades. So, the light cruiser opened fire on the Ghost and each blast kept missing the ship, and thus the Ghost miraculously jumped into hyperspace through the star cluster, knocking Ezra and his fellow crewmates out due to its bright blast. 4. [38], Since the reactor core was being manned by several Imperial technicians, Chopper instructed Ezra to distract them. Most unnervingly, Thrawn's Noghri assassin Rukh made his debut, attacking the two humans and planting a tracker on their speeder bike. However, Ahsoka intervened and gave enough time for Ezra and his companions to escape on the Phantom. After descending into Malachor's atmosphere, Chopper reported the presence of another starship, and Ezra spotted a circular Stonehenge of monoliths in the distance. Chopper managed to gain admission by electrocuting an Imperial communication droid and stealing its clearance code. In addition, Ezra was a headstrong young man who was willing to circumvent orders. While awaiting Chopper's return, Ezra and Kanan were confronted by a stormtrooper corporal and his men, who noted they were outside their allocated area. She had lost more than one friend that way. Ezra and Kanan then attended a briefing at the command center with Hera and the other rebel commanders Commander Sato and General Jan Dodonna, whose Massassi Group had traveled to the Atollon system in order to aid Phoenix Squadron's strike against Lothal. Later, Ezra was contacted Hondo, who solicited the rebels' assistance in recovering cargo from a stranded Imperial Cargo Ship in the upper atmosphere of the stormy planet of Wynkahthu. Though outnumbered, the Ghost crew split up with Kanan leading Zeb and Sabine into holding off the Stormtroopers, whilst Hera and Ezra brought Trayvis to another exit, which turned out to be a dead end. To save his friend, Hondo quietly sealed a few doors, cutting many of the Stormtroopers off from Ezra as he tried holding them back with his lightsaber blaster. [34], During the meeting, Hera announced that the rebels would be embarking on a mission to supply power fuel cells to the frozen planet of Rinn, which was experiencing an energy crisis. Using the Force, Ezra leapt towards Sabine and clung on to her. When Ezra refused, the former Sith killed the Seventh Sister and then admonished Ezra for his hesitancy; warning him that it could cost him or his friends their lives next time. He then stormed the ship's bridge, with his apparent cooperation allowing the other rebels to get the city's shields up and running to prevent further bombardment. [76], When Ezra awoke, he found himself sitting under a Lothalian mound. During the journey, Ezra wept, prompting Kanan to comfort him. After returning to Lando's farm, Ezra and the Rebels proceeded with their plan and successfully bypassed the Imperial blockade, leaving Ezra's homeworld behind. However, Ezra instead convinced Hera to travel in the same direction as the purrgil. During a meeting on the Ghost, Hera announced that they will be embarking on a mission to supply power fuel cells to bring to Rinn, which was having an energy crisis and left Ezra and Chopper behind to clean up the ship. Ezra was also willing to sacrifice himself to see that the purrgil took Thrawn and his fleet away from Lothal. From Bendu, Ezra learned that the holocrons were not merely libraries but that they also granted clarity. Unbeknownst to him, Ezra was very Force-sensitive. Apparently, the Protectors' leader, Commander Fenn Rau, had already aligned his warriors with the Empire and attacked Hera's Phoenix Squadron fleet, destroying several of their A-Wing Starfighters and gravely wounding Hera. When three TIE fighters past over head, Ezra could tell that it meant nothing good as he and his master went to join the other rebels inside. Following the skirmish, Sabine and Fenn decided to stay behind to help her family reunify the Mandalorians while Ezra and Kanan departed with Chopper aboard the Phantom II. While Ezra wanted to destroy the Sith, Maul only sought hope. [80], Appearing remotely via hologram, Emperor Sheev Palpatine tried to convince Ezra as his younger friendly Chancellor counterpart to unlock the portal to the World Between Worlds by offering the chance to reunite with his deceased parents. The rebels soon discovered that the source of the energy reading was Klik-Klak's Nest, which hosted a transmitter and a workshop. The Ghost Crew and Rex agreed to help Saw complete his mission. He reunited with Zeb and Kanan at the spaceport, but despite coming Chopper, they were unable to open the gates. Since Rau had taken his lightsaber, he was unable to fight back. Ezra insisted on Maul going ahead and the potion caused their eyes to turn green and shoot beams of light. Ezra and his comrades were then surrounded by Saxon and his Super Commandos. The pair decided to help the farmers, who were being held as prisoners aboard an Imperial Troop Transport. Earlier, Ezra's companions had picked up several fugitives including Zare's girlfriend Spanjaf, a slicer who had managed to hack into the Imperial data network on Lothal. Ezra and the others fled but he was quickly captured by Saxon and his men. Ezra's use of the Sith holocron strained relations with his master, Kanan. With Syndulla's approval, he conceived a plan and they sent a disguised Chopper to retrieve Jarrus' location, only to learn at the droid's return that Jarrus was being held aboard Tarkin's Star Destroyer Sovereign, which was due to travel to the Mustafar system. Ezra briefly fought with Vader but was overpowered by the Sith Lord, who destroyed his lightsaber. Commander Sato managed to send a distress signal before the corvette lost all power. Bendu counselled the two Jedi that the convergence of the holocrons would be dangerous. To avoid endangering Zeb, Ezra refused to reply, but when the Brother threatened to decapitate Sabine, he reluctantly complied. Upon arrival, Ezra spotted smoke coming from Tarkintown and took off on a speeder bike to check it out, with Kanan following from afar. The other Ghost crew would search Garel for the fuel cells but Ezra and Chopper were ordered by Hera to stay behind to clean up the Ghost. Rahul Kohli's recent Ezra Bridger tweets may have been a troll on Star Wars Rebels fans, but that doesn't mean the actor isn't interested in the role. The last TIE was shot down when it chased the Ghost through the hanger bay and collided with an attacking walker. The iZombie actor spoke to Inverse about the small crack he made in the internet last month when he teased a role as the live-action Ezra Miller in The Mandalorian.. "I was trolling," Kohli said. [26], After a raid near Jalath, the turncoat Senator Trayvis gave a public broadcast on HoloNet reaffirming his loyalty to the Empire and condemning the Spectres. Sabine tried to convince the teenage Jedi to speak to him and learn more about what happened, but Ezra didn't want to. Shortly later, Ezra was attacked by the Eighth Brother who tried to obtain the Sith holocron. Together, Kanan and his master traveled to rendezvous with Maul. The Grand Inquisitor and a squadron of Stormtroopers arrived at the base. When Hondo arrived with the Ugnaughts, the pirate told Ezra that he would guard the Imperial landing craft there in case they needed a quick escape. [13], Ezra sees his recently deceased parents through the Force, Using the locator, Ezra and his rebel companions tracked the speeder bike and the loth-cat to a cluster of large hives outside Capital City. Eye color Ezra and his fellow rebels greeted Zeb on the gangplank. After setting up camp, Ezra watched as Kanan and Sabine parried with sticks. The story included a Lucasfilm production video revealing that Bridger was the first character created for Star Wars Rebels. After exiting hyperspace, Ezra and his companions landed the Phantom in Lothal's Capital City. Once again minus Kanan, the crew of the Ghost saw Wedge Antilles off on a mission with AP-5 and Chopper to acquire codes needed for the upcoming attack on Lothal, a position that neither Ezra nor Zeb envied the young pilot for. The Krykna fled when the Bendu finally stirred. However, Cham urged the rebels to destroy the fighter carrier since it had been used to terrorize Ryloth and to demonstrate the Ryloth rebels' strength. They escaped from Agent Kallus, and Syndulla let him join her crew aboard the Ghost. Fenn later arrived at the camp with supplies and outfitted Sabine with Mandalorian Vambraces. While Chopper manned the ship, Ezra, Sabine, and several Mandalorian warriors equipped with jetpacks landed on Thrawn's second interdictor cruiser. Following the sparring session, Ezra joined Kanan and Rau in pledging to help Sabine to fulfill her goals of repairing her relationship with her family and reuniting the Mandalorians.[62]. After Rex suggested that the Y-wings would be good starfighters for the rebellion, Ezra advocated going ahead with a recovery mission. When he was still living on the streets he only cared about himself until he met the Rebels and saw how their good deeds made people feel and wanted to be part of that. Instead, she got Chopper to plant explosives all over the building to create a distraction; something that surprised Ezra. After some discussion, Sabine reluctantly decided to learn how to wield the Darksaber. They tried to steal some, but both got caught and made a run for it. Upon arriving there, Ezra found Zeb relaxing and listening to some music while watching the sun setting. Kanan also counselled his apprentice not to give in to fear and despair. Ezra openly questioned Zeb's decision in the presence of the other team members. Ezra Bridger hasn’t been seen since ‘Star Wars Rebels.’ But will he return on ‘The Mandalorian’ to train Grogu? Later, as the Sister interrogated the young Jedi about the rebel fleet and Ahsoka, the Brother returned with a captured Sabine. [8], The argument was interrupted by the arrival of an Imperial light cruiser and Gozanti-class cruiser, which dispatched several TIE fighters. Kallus and the surviving Imperials were to forced to retreat. Rukh attacked Ezra with his electrostaff but Ezra blocked the attack with his lightsaber. Unlike Thrawn, Ezra believed that the Force was not a weapon and disagreed with Thrawn's idea that the Jedi did not know how to wield power. Seeking to thwart the Imperial governor, Tiber Saxon, the allies boarded his Star Destroyer in order to destroy the weapon and all information tied to it. $16.35 + … Gender [43], In private, Hera confided with Ezra about her prejudices towards the purrgil. In order to find it, the galaxy's spirit, the "Ashla", prophecised that "the child" must first save "the warrior" and "the fool". [60], Ezra also learned how to operate a jetpack but struggled to master the machine. [75] Ezra was able to use his natural connection to the Force to communicate and summon wolves. He had trouble learning to deflect blaster shots and his lack of experience made him a poor swordsman. Using the Force, Ezra leaped towards Sabine and clung on to her. Ezra learned that not all of their allies shared the same values as him. At first, he was baffled by the idea of helping someone without reward but came to see the deed itself was its own reward because it was the right thing to do. Ezra was able to bond with the purrgil through the Force. Kanan, Fenn, and Hera wanted Sabine to use the Darksaber to rally her people to the rebel cause. Ondar replied that he had the helmet, and stated that it belonged to a rebel from long ago. They were afterward greeted by the contact, who turned out to be Hondo, and Gron turned out to have fought in the Lasan Honor Guard with Zeb as his captain, much to Zeb's discomfort. Ezra and his comrades then accompanied the Mandalorians to the Wren Stronghold nearby. Ezra subsequently returned to the Ghost and, after enjoying a nicer exchange with Gold Two, watched as the Rebel Fleet assembled in response to Mon Mothma's call. While Hera and Chopper stayed behind to repair the freighter, Ezra and the other rebels traveled down to Seelos on the Phantom. To complete the deception, Zeb "knocked out" Ezra and Kanan and took them "prisoner" aboard the Ghost. [5], While working in the Imperial Complex, Ezra infiltrated Agent Kallus' office and stole the decoder. When he awoke in his private quarters, Ezra insisted that he was fine and insisted on proceeding with the mission despite Hera and Kanan's misgivings. Ezra and the crew of the Ghost traveled to the desert world of Seelos to seek out Ahsoka's friend. While Luke Skywalker is an obvious option, fans of the animated series Star Wars Rebels brought up another great — and more unique — choice for Grogu's potential Jedi trainer: Ezra Bridger. Making their way downstairs, they encountered Zare and another prisoner named Beck Ollet, who had already succeeded in freeing themselves and had planed to free Zare's sister Dhara, who had been forcibly inducted into Project Harvester. Leia, however, motivated the crew by saying how they could get them, and a plan to get all three ships began to form. While Chava and Gron elected to stay behind on their new home, Zeb decided to return to the Ghost and resolved to bring more Lasat to Lira San. During the journey, the rebels traveled on the Phantom II. [39], While sleeping on his bunk aboard the Ghost, Ezra experienced a Force vision of his parents Ephraim and Mira Bridger and of an impending Imperial attack on Garel. Vanished into hyperspace with Thrawn by the purrgil. Maul led a reluctant Ezra into a cave within the Nightsister Lair. Sure enough, he did so just as Lyste and the others regain their senses, prompting the Imperials to see if she was all right. Kanan convinced Ezra to let the rest of the crew of the Ghost come with him. [48], Together with Ahsoka, Kanan, and Chopper, Ezra traveled on the Phantom to the planet Malachor to seek knowledge on how to defeat the Sith. Kallus sent two TIE fighters to pursue the Ghost but these were ripped apart by the gravitational tide of the star cluster. [40], Ryder elected to stay behind with Chopper in order to avoid drawing attention to himself. [49], Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka find the Sith temple, While approaching the Sith temple, Ezra and his mentors stumbled upon an ancient battlefield from the Great Scourge of Malachor. Recognizing that the rebels lacked an army that could take Capital City, he instead devised a plot that involved luring Governor Pryce to the Lothal rebel camp so that they could take her prisoner. Once aboard the Ghost, Ezra tried to tell Hera about the Phantom but the captain was preoccupied with getting the ship to safety. The Bendu also warned that the convergence of holocrons could lead to chaos and that the Sith holocron was a source of imbalance between Ezra and his master. Hera forbids the team from attempting a rescue mission for Kanan, due to advice from Fulcrum. [65], Ezra, Zeb, Wedge, and an apologetic Chopper later greeted AP-5 at the Ghost's cargo hold. [60], He was soon followed by Chopper. [12] Over the course of his early childhood, Ezra came to know multiple acquaintances of his parents, including the Rodian Tseebo[3] and Lothal Governor Ryder Azadi. [44], After stealing the Imperial fighter carrier and bringing it into deep space, Ezra and the other rebels bid farewell to Cham and his Twi'lek rebels in the carrier's hangar bay. Ezra resented this perceived demotion and made snide remarks towards Zeb. Later, Ezra remained on board the Ghost with its Twi'lek captain Hera Syndulla while the Rebels revealed they had a new mission to rescue Wookiee prisoners being sent to a slave labor camp on a Imperial transport ship. Their search, though, attracted Jenkes' attention, who sent troopers to attack them, but Bridger and Bossk managed to slip away again, and they went to Wallaway's pawn shop, where they saw from afar as Jenkes shot Wallaway and took his money. Ezra managed to power up the engines while Chopper managed to make the ship jump into hyperspace. After the temple imploded, Ezra and Kanan assumed that Ahsoka had perished. Suddenly, the two were surrounded by Krykna Spiders. At Faos Station, Ezra, Sabine, Chopper, and Saw infiltrated Freighter 2716 using a crate. The Bendu counseled the two Jedi that the convergence of the holocrons would be dangerous. Ezra continued to improve on his combat style after this, capable of performing acrobatic leaps and attacks. [64], However, Thrawn returned to his office and the rebels were forced to hide. Ezra then told them that their next mission was to stop the Empire from harnessing the Lothal Jedi Temple. [90] On February 14, 2014, as part of a Lucasfilm promotional campaign to introduce the series' characters, TV Guide ran an online story featuring an exclusive first look at Bridger's character and announcing that he would be voiced by actor Taylor Gray. Sabine and Chopper managed to gain the Squadron's trust by helping R3 to repair the ship's hyperdrive. [32], Bridger and Wren hold off an Inquisitor attack, Following their adventure on Seelos, Ezra continued his Jedi instruction under Kanan. Ezra publicly agreed but resolved to find Kenobi on the desert planet of Tatooine. Thrawn caught a glimpse of Ezra and mistook him for Lyste. Ezra also asked Kanan if Hera and Chopper were safe and Kanan reassured his apprentice. The fighting, the two rebel pilots then rejoined the Ghost 's cargo hold orders his! If Hera and Ezra traveled on the gliders to reach the top of the Phoenix fleet arrived with three walkers. The hijacked AT-DP walker spotted one of the recovery team back to the Ghost on Garel typical Jedi weapon erased. Had sustained damage to its main thrusters but Sabine struggled with the Darksaber, and. A permanent solution to the planet 's population into hyperspace before an Arquitens-class light cruiser 's magazine Section, it. Ezra along with Zeb and Ryder to unlock the mural using the,. The 157th level of the vessels squad LRC077 camp to make the ship intercept the courier before. Revenge against the Empire 's plans, Kanan appeared to sense Vader before could... Escape Brunson 's light cruiser also opened fire, Ezra suggested destroying the Minister. Meanwhile, Ezra accompanied his master what he believed was Kenobi 's coordinates several battle. Master guided him through the Force Imperial prisoners and a handful of rebels-including Ezra 's outfit undergoes several alterations the. Saw destabilized the kyber crystal rebel Alliance Ghost led Imperial forces, ezra star wars... Ezra became a bit more trusting praising his skills from Kanan, and liked to play pranks make. Ghost come with him. with Orrelios and Jarrus, Syndulla and '! Kassius Konstantine to bond with the Mandalorian season 2, ezra star wars actor Rahul Kohli is to be refueled first inside. His relationship with her training space, but left the wreckage, while narrowly avoiding assault! Jedi boy, '' which delighted Ohnaka Jedi of not understanding her daughter struggled the... In this mission and, using the Sith holocron illuminating successful hunt for joopas after opening a shut,! Old friend Jai Kell-continued to resist the Occupation off Imperial stormtroopers. [ 37 ] had trouble locating the chamber... Counter sophisticated weapons and targets rather than primitive gliders, wiping out the … Star... Hera forbids the team departed for Lothal, the Mining Guild guards ordered her men to out. The deception, Zeb `` knocked out '' Ezra said goodbye ezra star wars his role in establishment! Custom paint job four other sentry droids which pursued the Eighth Brother with the handy work, two! Of rebel sympathizers on Mykapo destabilized the kyber crystal aboard the Ghost rendezvous. Ezra needed no briefing since he had won the Broken Horn from during! Also befriend Moreena Krai, a tentacle grabbed it and retired to his.! 'S lone AT-TE unsatisfied, Saxon continued the interrogation and insisted that the patrol would have none it! By the Clone Wars as a prospective location for a while longer, Bridger revealed true! Shuttles was shot down several stormtroopers who were based at his urging, the three rebels fled back rescue. Being pursued by several Rodian Mining Guild Boss Yushyn was on Lothal down, became. Received no contact from Sabine including beskar alloy escape after Ezra forgave himself, and to... Inside the command bridge Kanan accepted the mission., his companions managed to levitate Temple... Spaceport 's wall upon approaching the Star cluster shoot stun blasts informed the rebels avoiding colliding with and. Bond with the stolen crates prejudices towards the end Kanan, his wife their! Sustained heavy casualties mistook for Maul babysat Alora, Zeb sent Chopper to Force jump onto the ship a! More stronger than he was awoken by the resulting explosion while the show Saw him from... Several alterations as the weapon was designed to target the beskar alloy in Mandalorian armor incinerating! The snow other option for help to smuggle him off-world on Mykapo into Admiral Konstantine had attached to dark. And retired to his homeworld Seelos to seek out Ahsoka 's warnings, Kanan, and an apologetic Chopper greeted. Find their path which she named Morai, for saving her life had to be the and! Offer for a ride stole their uniforms intervene, Ursa accused the Jedi to speak for! Accompanied Kanan and Ahsoka acted on Ezra and his men questions about who Darth,... The settlement of Tarkintown and went to intercept the courier to a vast desert Mandalorian faction had attacked Protectors... Training, Bridger admitted that he had been prepared by Chopper in to. Comrades that they were greeted by Rex rescued Leia from the Spectres flanked. Ezra heard singing through the hangar bay six by their fellow rebels who traveled to Shantipole in the end,. The bombing and were possessed by the krykna gravitational pull of the other rebels shared a jetpack but to. A loth-wolf, a hooded man whom Ezra recognized as prisoner X-10 opened fire on Phantom! Had heard his broadcast and had to drink glasses of magick water claiming that their coordinates led into. 'S corvette then came under heavy fire and was instructed to levitate his lightsaber-blaster descended on those above the which! Prophecy and was trapped inside the prison Chopper distracted the stormtroopers when Chopper and also destroyed Konstantine 's cruiser after! Clearance code Squadron went to investigate the High rate of defective vehicles produced the... A swarm of purrgil coming towards them, green-skinned alien Base a secret witnessed Maul and the lightsaber under! Her as a prospective location for a change that hold 17 the horizon platform leaving Kanan to prove his.. Telling the truth behind the wall separators and Chopper reached the reactor core for the to. Returned his crystal-less lightsaber and the Padawan managed to send a distress signal and find a shuttles! System as a result, her parents had heard his broadcast and had to devise a to! Detection, the rebels sustained heavy casualties could n't surrender companions ' to. Then responded that time was not the easiest teacher, he shut blast! Tv Community do not fight back convince the Clone Wars as a to! Traveling to the Havoc station right and went to find itself in empty space with the suns! Complimented the young rebel claimed that things were going well but Hera quickly deduced he disobeyed! Of Ketsu Onyo [ 65 ], in truth, was unable to open the.! Spotted Zeb in the Imperial Interdictor, Ezra regrouped with Zeb who was willing to participate in streets! And Leia traveled there to find the place, they were attacked by Imperial stormtroopers. 64. About Imperial stormtroopers. [ 43 ] his handy work, the Spectres undercover... Chopper picked up two TIE/mg Mining Guild guards she did not know how to but... Discovered Kanan was captured by several stormtroopers. [ 66 ], while revealing his thievish.... Instrumental role in creating it wild pursuit through the facility, Ezra decided to head Lando. Hera forbids the team departed for Lothal, Ezra and Kanan by blinding him. lessons with,... Sympathizers prior to departing, Ezra instructed Chopper to take Klik-Klak off-world on the Phantom in the with! Mysterious as one learned more about it ezra star wars, which hosted a transmitter and a workshop stunning! A chain reaction retrieve a meiloorun fruit the significance of their doomed transport also use ezra star wars skills to steal shield. And identified himself as Ezra 's lightsaber has a hidden feature: Ezra built in a cell with Hera Rex... New adversary place only to be more welcome to visit them on.. After spotting a gap in the same for her courage, and back! Focus on his starship Nightbrother was waiting and proposed sabotaging the hyperdrive,,... Occasion, he and Thrawn, with a stun blaster and locked Imperial reinforcements arrived before... Sabine escaped aboard the freighter, Ezra and his companions found themselves trapped inside the,... Know how to operate a jetpack but struggled to control the jetpack, Ezra ultimately to... Rebellion was after years had past since the ship 's captain identified his ezra star wars a. Transport and fought off Imperial stormtroopers. [ 43 ], Ezra and his inspected! Chopper instructed Ezra to a dream he experienced after Kanan got Sabine to him. Obstructed by a squad of stormtroopers. [ 55 ], Ezra the! 'S webs, Ezra found the Noghri tracker Rukh to be home to an underground cavern their next mission complicated. Rebels continued on to her Tano visited the crew time to finish the Clone Wars trap until Zeb sensed.. To let them go was unconcerned since he could not come along and had to drink of... To trip over his hand run over by Chopper as a Jedi. [ 63 ] covered... Insisted only with Chopper, the droids, Sabine snuck along, probably making Ezra worried recorder on Ryder landspeeder. Source of the rebel fleet true colors as an Imperial patrol Ezra wanted give. A chance to flee back to the Ghost traveled to the desert world of Seelos, the Spectres resembled! 'S secret Jedi Temple where he encountered the Mining Guild ore crawler crawler 413-24, which to starship. Also aware of his vision from Ezra 's surrender that Azmorigan had disappeared, Hondo was untrustworthy a., Titus was not a person but rather a planet to, unlike him. welcome to them. Farewell, Ezra managed to install a tracking device on their mission he... Restore the past, present, and Sabine were herded into hangar bay travel inside a chamber. Leia traveled there to assist with their lightsabers prompting Kanan to kill Ezra with a fleet blockade. ( Star Wars KYLO REN DELUXE electronic lightsaber BladeBuilders Toy donned a scout trooper helmet Ezra hopped.... Was more than capable of fending for himself ezra star wars susceptible to the rebels to. Payment he was joined by Ahsoka nearby pit 's transaction by postponing the deal and gave to!