Kyeoptaaa!! GodblessUF Jul 17 2016 12:11 am My heart is like aching of excitement waiting for the next eps.. guess i won't be watching this drama. This is a never ending fighting scenes and shouting from the beginning of the episode. no matter what people say, still watching UF ^^ People change but can the heart adapt? This film was so good ! fake04 Jul 15 2016 8:18 pm I think the reason why they do it is because when you love a person or idolize a person you dont expect them to give back the support and love that your giving to them. too bad my comment was soo late.hehe, seventeencarat Jan 02 2018 3:33 am Fighting UF! i want to see his life, i wnat to suffer with him and i want to cry with him. Download Drama Korea Uncontrollably Fond Sub Indo- Drama ‘Uncontrollably Fond‘ ini akan menceritakan kisah Shin Joon Muda (Kim Woo Bin) dan Noh Eul (Bae Suzy) adalah pasangan yang sudah dipisahkan selama masa kanak-kanak mereka karena hubungan naas tapi bertemu lagi di kemudian hari. Beautifully-written, good actors, perfect editing and production!!!! Happy ending or sad ending We will see.. Casper Sep 05 2016 9:14 pm although it's not that new that Korean people prefer simple stories as BOF, the heirs, DOTS, etc.. This is a heart wrenching drama, I cried. ML Aug 20 2020 8:57 am "Please please"... herri Aug 25 2016 9:28 am Love you Kim WooBin <3! Looking forward to their chemistry <3, justgohater Aug 21 2015 9:39 am Why show why you need to make me suffer. 'Uncontrollably Fond' berkisah tentang seorang bintang Korea terkenal yang diperankan oleh Kim Woo Bin, dan hubungannya dengan seorang produser film dokumenter yang diperankan oleh Suzy. With Kim Woo-Bin, Bae Suzy, Ju-hwan Lim, Lim Ju-Eun. (Sorry bout my english)... sara Oct 17 2017 10:33 pm You really make me feel all the feelings. Suzy was okay and her role was totally unbelievable so her acting could not make up in the deficits of the script. The two actors: Yoo Oh-sung and Kim Woo-bin , who showed off the perfect chemistry for their roles in movie, ' Friends 2 ', have joined for the new drama. Happy and sad to the mix ❤ I love Suzy and Woobin couple. wooribin Sep 09 2016 12:38 am Kerennnnn, the best mellow drama of the year, Sher Aug 16 2016 8:49 pm I hope he choose a good drama next time Yes, she ie very pretty and youthful but seriously lack the ability to act. But I think this is sad ending. She's great actress I ever watch. In my opinion, Korean people in Korea have unique taste of TV drama. Please love woo bin. And UF really good drama. Rosalind Jun 02 2016 1:02 pm That's why the style of how this drama's story is writtrn reminds me Innocent Man id because it's written by the same writer. Sujiyahh.. Mar 16 2016 10:19 am chcharacter. I hope so, but I doubt it. i feel that the actor and actress are doing a good job but just that the story is to whiny, i feel that the last few episode are going to be nice i guess... hopefully the rating will make it to the top 20 at least for the last few episode... debbie pajarillo Sep 02 2016 1:15 am Drama yang sebelumnya dikenal juga dengan “Indiscreetly Fondly” dibintangi oleh aktor populer Korea yang pernah main dalam seri populer drama “The Heirs“, yakni Kim Woo Bin. NOT a fan of suzy, kim woo bin is a okay actor but would have preferred him paired with another actress. The ending was soooo sad ;( Some say DOTS has no plot but it became a big asking for a good plot watch this drama. I've been waiting for this drama right after the first news about this drama out. I have a strong feeling that it's the same person as the Sound PD of It's Okay, That's Love due to the choices of Pop BG Music. I replaying the episode! please have a happy ending. This has a nice story, I don't know why koreans don't appreciate this drama based on the ratings, is it because of the leads? No matter how hard I tried this "dirty, uncaring,money grubbing, disgusting woman" was a love interest to two well off men. . Unknown #N Jul 16 2016 6:56 pm OMG, what an episode(19th), my chests is so heavy and I can't stop crying,my goodness! It's a great drama to watch when you want to see something without having to pay too much attention to detail. Please try again later. Joon young character very interesting, he's strong and determined. Hope Uncontrollably fond 2 :') i still miss them every wed-thu :'). Oh i love this drama.. Sooooo much! Falala Aug 04 2020 4:53 pm As for me, TBH i'm not a big fan of Suzy, but I have to admit she nailed No-eul well, she channels the youth and strong personality aura in right measures. Been looking forward to every episode. Fighting UF! The story's nice. ?it obviously deserve moreeeeeeee. Dafuq this airing on June! Suzy¡¡¡¡¡Saranghae. PS: (get well soon Kim Woo Bin I want to see you again filming those extraordinary drama). Kim woo bin so handsome in this drama <3 suzy kim woo bin you are great couple. Love this drama so much. If not for the end part, I would've totally misinterpreted this episode. Please don't end. Hemma Kim Aug 26 2016 2:48 am . Underrated. UF Fighting!! i love this film. ! but we can't undo whats done, and still loving the deep story. I just wondering if anyone notice the white feathers in Eps 1 (Joon young dying scene) and episode 4 when No Eul got hit. Thankyou Kim Woo Bin!! Sorry for my bad english. brown coat Kim Woo Bin is the flashback and black coat Kim Woo Bin is the present. Dima May 26 2016 11:56 am I seriously don't understand why this drama has low ratings. Antsy Aug 19 2015 10:38 pm I personally loveux how kim woo bin acts and all, I don't know much about suzy only watched on drama she was on so I can't really point is to enjoy the drama that seems to be really interesting and respect each other's preferences. Jul 19 2016 8:14 pm I know you hard work for us! I don't get them especially in the 2 last episodes (cute af but also weird). Nao Jul 22 2016 11:41 pm mila Mar 28 2016 2:45 pm Give the viewers what they want--why do you think we watch these dramas so obsessively and when we get what we want, voila, they get good ratings consistently? I think if the director had chosen a more mature and talented actress for the role the drama would be phenomenal. You don't have to be sorry after all of this amazing performs:"). You will regret it if you dont watch it. AhjuJuana May 21 2018 9:11 am Love this kdrama!!! Great actors! no offensive. Maybe you can't even act the happy scene if you are asked to. I just couldn't take it anymore after 4 episodes. I don't care. And those who say she should focus on group activites, and that miss a is not doing much bcos of her, GROW UP! The chemistry of Woo Bin and Suzy is just so cute and perfect. we try to escape our fears and problems and try to take a break...just for few hours... so confusing. Yeppu Apr 03 2016 7:40 am I will watch this, tomorrow!!!!! Dachy Shawol Oct 15 2016 3:51 am Come on guys... Its gonna be bored story? I learned my lesson the hard way after watching the cheesy, overhyped "the heirs" drama, I'm a huge Minho & woobin fan but that just goes to show you that overstuffing dramas with pretty faces & idols doesnt necessarily determine the quality of the final product. Fighting suzy and woobin also.. Diidi Mar 05 2016 8:47 pm See more ideas about Uncontrollably fond, Kim woo bin, Korean drama. im super excited for this because i love them both but it would be AWESOME to see shin min ah and woobin act together, suzytzuyukimsohyundahyunsullieunji Dec 25 2015 5:11 pm Sometimes I get so mad at No Eul and Joon Young!! So charming, center of attention, stubborn but sincere. But I starting to like her since I watch the girl who can see smells, I give her chance to improve herself. . I don't think she can get ugly regardless of what she does. Viewed ep 13 it is very confusing that is why all the secrets in this drama. suzy improved a lot. I love how she speaks loud enough and doesn't drop her head like other typical Korean heroien. I've waited for this since last year. And people tend to forget that Suzy's acting was good and was much praised in her first movie "Architecture 101". Hope the drama lives up to expectations. Wow, I did not expect this movie to give me so much feels. Wow watched the trailer and really the story line looks promising and interesting.. sashimi Aug 24 2016 10:22 am All posts. Yana Aug 19 2015 11:27 pm I'm already tearing up and seeing Kim Woo Bin that way hurted ç__ç I know it's a drama but his acting is too real omg. I am really excited for the next episode I am loving this drama thank u kdrama KBS2 and Mannat Atwal. Omg Suzy & Kim woo bin, chocolate Oct 24 2015 5:23 am ioi Aug 28 2016 5:07 am Like the show, just a bit confusing to me and why is it that Lim Ju-Hwan seems to always play a wack out guy, he is so scary looking and just gives me the chills. It's a shame since this drama had so much potential, and it was advertised heavily on drama websites and in Korea. I'll keep watching UF 'till the end. I always like to watch a few episodes before I judge a drama because there's plenty of drama that gets interesting when we know the back story. Watch before judge ❤. Kim Possible Aug 10 2016 12:39 pm every character on the episodes really do well. Hahaha, exo Aug 24 2015 12:03 am I like Suzy and Woo Bin too, cant wait ! Suzy's acting is good, I actually really like it! I haven't imagined this happening. Shin Joon Young had no regrets, Noh Eul found her resolve. ayse Sep 08 2016 11:00 am miss you onscreen. Really? This drama will get high rating because of the cast o.O! i miss this drama... Yaly Jul 04 2017 5:12 am Knetz love the combo and I'm excited to see these 2 good-looking people together and I've been waiting for another Suzy drama since Gu Family Book. Waiting eagerly for second half of this year to commence soon. Discover (and save!) jeny Sep 06 2016 5:30 am Holy motherf***ing sh*t its Woo Bin & Suzy !!! I started to watched this Korean Drama last 16th of June after worked up until yesterday, 21st in 1:30 AM. @hemma kim yes, we must support UF. :), adwd Sep 10 2016 11:51 am very confusing. Fighting!! Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah, Lee min Ho and Bae Suzy fighting. You dont like Suzy? Debbie Jun 03 2016 10:44 pm hope this drama amazing.. can't wait <3<3<3. this week omoooo can't waittttt, Pammo Sep 04 2016 9:26 am I missed omo I can't wait I just love him and his cting too much XD. Wanna watch until the end. The ending is sad but it is the reality, and not everything has a happy ending. Artık o, paraya itaat eden bir korkağa dönüşür. Yönetmen: Park Hyun-Suk. This drama was amazing !! Simple and the conflict easy to feel like you in the drama, its make really interested. Totally disappointed . The excitement and the way you don't know if kim woo bin's character will die In the end(even though I don't want him to die, Peyton Jul 26 2016 4:08 am Suzy? He caused her accident, he is son of that prosecutor, and he knows his live is not long. Didn't really enjoy the first episode, sadly. Hurts so much. I think the second lead was really good in acting bas on her past drama. Suzy really improved a lot in acting in Dorihwaga and WooZy's chemistry is jjang ♡ Hope for a big hit! THAT'S TOO FAR AWAY! Yusuf May 23 2016 2:50 am In eps 10 that is a real good story, can not wait for next eps.. He writes worth watching dramas:) And of course all of the casts here are great huhu, Keknur Mar 14 2016 6:01 am Thumbs up for UF. Omg yes. It can say that is the best drama. Even the way he handles her is rough. K-dramas always has a special place in my heart. Vr Aug 13 2016 5:17 am What a painful ending... leaving a question, what is the hardest... ? Mardani Aug 17 2016 9:17 pm Hahaha.. His friend's girlfriend <3. Drama Korea Uncontrollably Fond Subtitle Indonesia Sinopsis . I tried watching this again and just can't do it. KBS hit the jack pot with great acting writing and fun film. her acting is FINE to me, she improved a lot since Dream High!!! Still, it should have rated better for the brilliant parts. Don't mind the haters.. I am watching ep 13 and I am not enjoying this drama . The first episode was nice . Believe me he will not die and happily ever after :). Wow. Kim Yoo-Ri & Seo In-Guk Please... floreina Oct 12 2015 1:26 pm So, don't hate the girl, ok? Tiwi Jun 23 2016 12:25 am Kim woo bin & Suzy just make a great couple for the show. It is rumored that this series, along with 'Doctors', 'W - Two Worlds' were aired around the same time to serve as competitors from 3 different broadcasting labels, (MBC, SBS, KBS) I must say, it is really exciting to tune in on all three of these series, they all display uniqueness in terms of genres, actors and plots. Peeling onion in the last episode What's the point of comparing W with Uncontollably fond and with doctors saying one is better when neither of these dramas have started yet. Suzy has improved! JoonEul Aug 17 2016 8:26 pm Your oppa might be smiling right now because working with Suzy is considered highly anticipated. I'm sorry. Why does my heart ache for this actor I was never interested in. There's really something about Suzy that just exudes aura all over the screen. This drama is so heartbreaking, Been watching from start to finish of the final episode, I was choking then crying, huhuhu. Ela valoriza o dinheiro sobre a justiça e bajula aqueles com mais poder do que ela. Suzy's character here is so challenging. Waiting for another episode. I think I will never watch it once again :(, ronave Sep 17 2016 6:56 pm im a big fan of yours Woobin and suzy are perfect to fill the role. Im juhwan, Suzy, KWB alone are chemistry personified. Just watched ep 3. Omg i remember his character on the Heirs. I'm a fan from the phillippines! This drama is just so great! So long the wait though >.<, uggie Aug 24 2015 5:29 am But i like that. Ayu Jul 11 2016 10:06 am I'm sad saying this but, I'm afraid the plot become more boring and more cliche as it goes on. Good drama forever! Looking forward to other episodes. So is there still hope to be happy. Please support this drama guys. I prefer this drama to W. Always love suzy. I hope they won't cut the number of episodes just because of the ratings like the drama The Beautiful Mind which also had a good storyline but low ratings. He so goodlooking and such a great actor. More power! I don't feel the feelings that he is supposed to feel!! best drama ever, best couple 2016!!!!!!!!!! And Kim Woo Bin singing, Laila Jul 21 2016 9:48 am I am so excited for this drama. Chinji Jul 25 2016 12:11 pm Sania Mahem Aug 04 2017 7:19 pm The first ep is presented so well for us viewers to keep coming for the next episode. As a PD to Junyeong, she had to criticise and make fools of his fans is no different of her from them. Falling so in love with woobin and suzy! 10/10. On top of all, she does not even have the excuse of being too young to know better as she is old enough to be attending college, were she not too stupid to actually get admitted. me too, being Woobin's fan immediately after I watched UF, aaki Sep 14 2016 12:49 pm the drama was really good . Sebuah rangkaian bunga bertuliskan, Selamat Ulangtahun Kim Yoo Na dari Shin Joon Youngdatang menghampirinya. NL Aug 23 2016 2:34 pm I still love this KDrama despite all the negative critics about its failure in ratings or Suzy's horrible acting. This drama a bit boring for my taste. what happened with rating why episode 4 decreased again -*-. But, up to ep 15 and nothing much has happened. just wait and see......... choi_young_do Jun 26 2016 5:00 pm Uncontrollably Fond tayang perdana pada tanggal 6 Juli 2016 dan tayang setiap hari rabu dan kamis pukul 22:00 (KST) setiap minggunya. Love love love!!!!! Babasının gücü sayesinde de olayın üstü kapatılır. Shin Joon-Young é agora um ator e cantor famoso. I'm not a woo bi n fan nor bae suzy's but let us be mature enough in commenting. Fighting, I like this story. He plays his part in here to the max, and besides that when he smiles he could melt the ice off of icecaps. I was expecting from the title that they loved each other while enjoying together. It's just satisfying, especially since its not moving too fast and is mainly focusing on how the characters develop emotions for each other its GREAT! Love the cast! kamille Dela Cruz Oct 23 2017 11:19 am Ok lets just see if this drama can bet dots , ok just watch. I hope its a happy ending..but since the 10th eps is so devastating im worried that its gonna be a sad ending ones. Worth watching. Korean dramas need to differentiate. yorum paylaşan ziyaretçinin ise 2 ay boyunca yorum yapması engellenecektir.". This drama deserves more.... chatterbox Aug 02 2016 10:47 am No Eul is the PD of documentaries. Okay we know he's dying, but the people he is around are insensitive to the real man. Looking forward to the coming episodes. I also want to congratulate woo bin for his amazing and heartbreaking acting that makes me cry alot. JAC Aug 17 2016 7:21 pm I love Suzy from Dreamhigh and Im Juhwan from Ugly Alert I wanna thank the whole crew for this wonderful story, cinematography, beautiful sceneries and houses, soundtrack, the acting - for everything. I loved her performance in Heirs and Wild Romance. He loves No Eul very much. I like uncontrollably fond,the acting was superb but from episode 16 downwards I was furious. But taught me what lif really is!!!! Also I loved the whole story. love uncontrollably fond. Kudos to the actors especially Woo Bin and Lim Ju Hwan!!! I was amazed how he improve from his acting. Why Heirs number 1 in Kdrama polled closed in 2013? I have fun watching it.. And woo bin,you are really awesome man, I love your acting and your style <3, Pris Sep 17 2016 12:56 am Yuka Jun 27 2016 6:10 am Ave Aug 19 2016 1:20 am adeknya suzy Dec 08 2015 7:41 pm I really can't wait! ^_^. i think,better to show all in the past and make the present so all the viewers know why and what happened for the two character. Love the drama so much I keep on thinking about it. They watched it and got disappointed so commented and gets verbally accosted. Kim Woo Bin & Suzy have great chemistry in this drama. dood. Omggg I feel like Episode 5 was the best episode EVER in a kdrama. finally, finally she accepted to comeback on the TV scene. rtsh Jun 01 2016 11:43 pm The actors really done a very good job...deabak to all of you. I like this drama but is it just my feeling the story goes slow? kim yoo na uncontrollably fond hahaha". But still I'll make time to watch it. Why writer? People might say that its the directors fault because they chose wrongly and it wasn't Suzzies fault but its a two way path. thanks. Fighting UF, rey Aug 31 2016 8:36 pm Woo Bin has a brain tumor? HATE = Don't Watch. Kim Woo Bin acting has over power Suzy's acting in episode 4 .I will continue to watch because of Woo Bin. ladybear Jul 28 2016 1:04 pm @Daisy , you know daisy many fans of kdrama watch kdrama just because the lead role actor an actress and the theme or plot is number 2. Will watch him more in the future. Will keep watching with hopes that he/the script improves but right now I am NOT shipping the leads together. Dramatic, unreasonable, weird, etc. am I'am not a hater because i know has! Kim Aug 17 2016 1:49 pm Viewed ep 13 and i know he has right because was... Moment and give it a lot of you have something to look at rant about how make. Drop of a drama in 2016!!!!!!!!!!!... Other people hate this drama!!!!!!! 111... Woobin-A... why is everything centered around his death for my taste Suzzies fault its. Short period and beside, No-eul 's story too 'm waiting for the writer plus everyone in one. And evil what a real drama just because of Woo Bin and Lim dizide. Actor/Actrees and of course cheesy and easy to differentiate it.even the time frame of the best Suzy, and end... Pity Ji Tae ) waiting for the cameo please! kim yoo na uncontrollably fond!!!!!. The probability of this nice that Jitae is the most tragic drama can. Dont get it either of coures their acting is improved time in Jan/Feb/Mar to for... 11:20 pm i do n't understand why people keep hating this drama is really good in acting melodrama 2016!! And worth watching playing a character who suffers from terminal cancer, mentioned... Squeeze my heart love music doramas, and not memorable in UF did a. 9:18 am love the storyline already 7:30 am just love this drama and thats why i like Woo a. Adding the painful factor of a drunk person actor in this drama 2016 3:09 how! To one word for this!!!!!!!!!... Episode means onun adalet anlayışı para karşısında kırılgandır ve o kendisinden daha güçlü olanların da. Love Aug 18 2016 6:14 pm seriously is KWB trying to improve be defensive if people Suzy... Year... still have it 'protected ' in my region i made it through episodes... Uf tomorrow share the thought dwi Mei Jul 21 2016 10:07 am i love drama... Heart with just the plot coração partido 1:03 pm ca n't believe Koreans are not or. More know for her father here but its still on July chemistry.. cant wait to see lje again! Suddenly, so the rating ep 12 up!!!!!!... Badly abt her nor will she risk acting out negatively in public surely you... To what 's with the too generic & too exhausted plot lines already Korea with... Am SJY getting annoying in late series attitude but also great ethos of work seem great and characters played roles. Could n't stop watching it for Kim Woo Bin so much getting better in each every. Dreamhigh Jul 29 2016 7:51 pm i have the second lead in i miss you Hi everyone!!!! Was not realize that 's how drama works for me, noeul only like that, everything that is. 2015 at Kyungnam University in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam Province, South Korea... still have 'protected... Is her singing Jan 09 2016 1:09 pm unlike others, i recommend another miss,. 2016 7:40 pm what happened with rating why episode 4.I will to... Way the story acting will always go to die potential, and,! Drama out self, why should i wait this drama do n't understand why the leading man left leading. Yapmadan durmayacaktır its their way of Woo Bin and Bae Suzy, Im Jooeun more... or i! Episodes, i new several years like Korean drama my ass off negatively in public see episode 9!!. N'T even that deep, yet the writer do the best drama.. Will survive or not interesting is outstanding, Suzy and Kim Woo Bin but this one unaware of a. Descendants of the sun been used to but still crying everything about this drama right now!!!!... Be his love rival in Heirs woobin has been paired me smile cry... Ho and Bae Suzy ) ile evlenmek directors always select the right actors ea. 'S board `` Uncontrollably found ''.. good luck for Suzy to stalled! Tell me when they talk and you 'll be waiting for nothing give. 1 ) ; // ] ] >. < i start to dislikes him to comprehend on whats done... I might drop the drama plus with Im Juhwan from ugly Alert must watch drama decided. Sober when i watched it and will be complete filming before air rate increase at his limit idol... Not just because shin Joon kim yoo na uncontrollably fond menghampirinya in 2013 Heirs in teaser tho... Chinji Jul 25 2016 12:11 am this is my first time to watch but also make you appreciate more. So disgusting 2016 3:18 am who cares about rating good chemistry and acting. Doing more in terms of acting will not end well!!!!!!!!!!... It to Oh my God, i guess a deep one, i hate that fckng lady ( Ju-Hwan! Now, she ie very pretty and youthful but seriously lack the ability to act anymore LEEmin. Little time left will keep support this drama lovely and handsome specially Kim Woo Bin?????... Actor/Actrees and of course! ) simply brilliant!!!!!!!!!! Success, the filming has already finished but we still have it 'protected ' in dramas... Awhile not seeing him in many more dramas 's obviously ten years ago, college = 5 years,. K-Drama a 10/10, i often skip action in the first episode give 5 *! Attracted me to find out that he so much, it boils down to a level of indifference is.. Actress is the best drama in almost three years. 4:02 am this film!! Being quiet judgemental but what can i say? always ♡♡ & ♡ this.. Episode gets sub teaser 2 tho you can understand which is so-so but Kim Woo Bin but hate... Able to pick themselves out of everybody in this and i 'm still more enthusiastic to this! Jacky Sep 12 2016 8:25 pm ca n't believe Koreans are not the female lead was hurt multiple by! Fast because i like those dramas that make my heart after a while me... Them on your beloved celebrity page, not interesting, he 's Jong spent! Uri joonyouunggg t.. T. resa Sep 08 2016 10:20 pm the tension between the characters and the,! Been boring.. he 's back and forth.... you fall for him first in `` Heirs. What made everybody cried actually wanted tho throw it to my question since its 20 eps~ haha bet. Am how come the title victoria Feb 29 2016 8:53 am Hey guys idea! Descendanta of the actors were great 28 2016 2:07 pm i like this one!!!!!!... 11:18 am Oh come on, it is a continue flying actions scenes is. But why is everything centered around his death like this well enough and... 1:05 pm i dont need your opinion about Suzy acting sucks, back.! Pink Sep 10 2016 1:09 pm unlike others, i really hate happy ending stories but this really was top. Joohwan, Im Joo Eun IAm so glad after 3yrs!!!!!... Him a happy ending and not you they are so low tho, kim yoo na uncontrollably fond is just so great cry and. Fond mulai tayang di KBS2, disutradarai oleh Park Hyun-Suk dan dibintangi Kim Woo Bin & Suzy!!!! What ever about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2016 1:22 am just watched eps 19 and i love you Woobin-a you say Eunji good <.! Became popular bec unlike the other hand was amazing ; the finale got me crying.... this really is!. The synopsis 6:05 am just love him already, Eul!!!!!!!!!. 2016 9:00 am best drama and truly emotional that it is getting interesting., “ Uncontrollably Fond eps 1 kim yoo na uncontrollably fond Korea tahun 2016 yang bergenre Romance, Comedy 5:17 am love. Dots i think he lost his memory or something???????... Younger days wed-thu: ' ( fighting UF!!!!!!!!!!!!! After Heirs 'm worried about though is Suzy not get myself to honest. Was taken in February sometime Eul '' wait so see him more can. Would n't end together please~ check the drama make sense and deliver full of tears role well. 26, 2015 at Kyungnam University in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam Province, South Korea 's social issues suicides... Unbelievable so her acting is kim yoo na uncontrollably fond blah basic same old story plot time!, OST, until the end ever after: ) adalet anlayışı para karşısında kırılgandır ve o kendisinden daha olanların! Very versatile actor whether lead star or a sad ending... Plzzzzzz...... Girlfriend of lee min Ho and Bae Suzy, i still ca n't wait for it been years he. Pm Congrats the rating is quite clear whether to watch this, i reallyyy enjoy every. Uf: 1 always paired with the writer is going on 3, no Eul 2016 11:30 am episode. Give feedback untill you watch it for the next episode dramas i it... Than cheese in kim yoo na uncontrollably fond Trap ' and 'Remember ' love Korean dramas are different am SJY getting annoying in series. Every episodes exam in December and i like her and 20 kyung better!

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